About WordVeda

Our guiding principle is based upon the famous saying - "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime."

We aim to disrupt the academic help industry by actually helping the students/learners to self-attempt their assignments, questions or projects themselves.

WordVeda recognizes the importance of uniqueness of every student and aspires to be the most loved academic help provider in the World through its personalized and ethical approach.

Our Service Case Scenarios

Let's understand our key services through real case scenarios based on client happiness.

Online Tutoring

Robert was a diligent student, but slogged through Mathematics every day. His inability to grasp simple concepts and get the required attention from his teacher had completely errored his interest in the subject and made him loathe every lesson. Hoping to save his plummeting grades and avoid being lashed out at by his parents, he searched the web for answers. Luckily enough, he stumbled upon WordVeda! While 1 on 1 sessions provided by our Online Tutors offered the required attention and helped Robert in creating a strong skill base, interacting with others in group sessions gave him the much-needed confidence. Robert has been a regular student ever since and has taken advantage of our customized session offerings to get a better grasp of his subjects.

Customized Coaching

Paula always knew that she needed additional help to comprehend and attempt her assignments. Available Online Tutoring solutions however frustrated her. Available solutions would either require her to understand course concepts, which she was already good at or completely handover the responsibility of her assignments. After spending an entire day and explaining her frustration to a WordVeda representative, she finally decided to give us a try! We were quick to figure out that she needed objective oriented coaching like forming a search query or relating a particular theory to her answer. We enjoyed partnering with Paula and she was glad that she found exactly what she was looking for.

24*7 Solution Support

Richard always had the fear of Academic Misconduct looming over his head as he could get ready Assignment Solutions from different websites but could never understand them. He also feared failing as he could never tell right apart from wrong. Doubtful about getting a plausible solution, he finally approached WordVeda. We assured him that our guided solution support was just the service he had been looking for. We worked closely with Richard and provided him with a detailed Assignment Approach document with every Assignment solution. Richard could also take advantage of 1 on 1 interactive sessions where a dedicated expert would explain each and every Assignment solution. This took Richard's fear away and turned him into a happy student!

Academic Writing Training

Navjyot came to Kangaroo land with hopes, dreams and aspirations. Adjusting to a foreign nation in addition to high cost of living and dealing with professional Assignments however proved too much for a student. She tried outsourcing some of her assignments, but didn't wish to risk her career. She tried writing assignments on her own, but could barely manage to pass. Feeling her dreams getting crushed under pressure and in one desperate measure, she contacted WordVeda for assistance. She was relieved to know that we actually had a genuine solution to her problems and offered her a comprehensive Academic Writing course with specialised modules in different aspects of Academic Writing. She sought further assistance and moved to an instructor led program so as to gain further proficiency as an Academic Writer. She finally gained confidence in her writing abilities and accredits WordVeda for helping her survive through her academics.

How It Works

" WordVeda has well defined standard workflow which is followed irrespective of the type of services delivered. Though make some changes into it as per the client needs and service requirements. Following is the standard workflow of service delivery: "